SOP- Administrative – Barcode Set-Up

 Standard Operating Procedures

Barcode Set-Up SOP


The Barcode Setup screen provides options of what the Barcode will capture (Assets, Employees, Parts and Properties).



Every field in this screen must be configured.


* Note: The Secondary Asset Scan field allows users to search on multiple fields (Asset tag and replacement tag for example). Added to the various Asset Scanners in FiRE.




1, Navigate to the System Administration module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the System Administration screen and click the link to Barcode Setup.  
3. In the Barcode Setup, configure:


  • – Asset Scan
  • – Secondary Asset Scan (if applicable)
  • – Employee Scan
  • – Part Scan
  • – Bin Location Scan
  • – Property Scan
  • – Purchase Receive Scan
  • – Inventory Kit Scan


4. Click Save to save the record.






  1. System Administrator:

The System Administrator is responsible for the Barcode set-up.


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