SOP- Administrative – Setup Work Desk Templates

 Standard Operating Procedures

Setup Work Desk Templates SOP



The WorkDesk Template screen defines a standard set of WorkDesk channels for use by a group of users.


  • Predefined WorkDesk templates, associated to users via groups, activate when the user first logs onto AiM.
  • If users make changes to their WorkDesk, selecting the WorkDesk Reset Icon will reset the WorkDesk to the original defaulted WorkDesk template.
  • The Default WorkDesk template cannot have groups associated to it.
  • The Group View defines the groups that have access to the defined channel. Only specified groups have access to the template. When no group is specified, all users will have access to the template.


The body of the WorkDesk screen will contain channels, or blocks of information based on personal queries defined by the user. Content may contain:

  • Personal queries linking the user to transactions requiring approval.
  • Quicklinks such as web pages, AiM screens, AiM reports.
  • Administrator Messages delivered in the form of global informational messages.
  • Personal query counts to link the user to transactions activity in real-time.
  • Displays an employee’s work for the day, as listed on their Daily Assignment Sheets. Updates dynamically throughout the day.







1. Navigate to the System Administration module on the main menu
2. Navigate to the System Administration screen and click the link to WorkDesk Template  
3. Click New to setup a module WorkDesk template  
4. Enter the WorkDesk name.  
5. Select the channels you want to display on this WorkDesk template and click Add button
6. You may change the order and layout of these channels, then click Save to save the record  



Department Facilities Coordinator
HR Supervisor
Manager This is is a customized Supervisor workdesk with more dashboards (they vary upon request)
Operations Admin   
Operations Center Management
Operations Data Entry
Project Manager
 – * Zone Supervisor (James, Ray, Nora and Nate)




1. System Administration: Responsible for configuring and managing WorkDesk templates and customizing functional users WorkDesks as well (for initial access).  System Administrators also are responsible for assisting and training end users on how to manage their own Workdesks.



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