SOP – AiM Customer Request

SOP – Customer Request

Creating a Customer Request inside AiM (to be replaced by Web App)

Select Customer Service from AiM Workdesk
Select Customer Request
Select NEW

  • Description
  • Select requester by using the search (1st few characters then select from names returned)
  • Add contact in area if NetID does not exist.  Note e-mail needs ( suffix
  • Region, facility, property, room number (location)
  • Change Status to Requested
  • Select search to pick problem code


Select Problem Code based on problem type description “To Hot” Example D30-2
After saving select “hamburg” and select customer request approval
Execute query to see customer requests awaiting approval
Select Transaction to approve

Edit the record

Change Status from requested to Approved

Search on Priority and select value


When you save the record a work order is created