SOP – Work Management – Customer Request

Standard Operating Procedures


Managing Customer Requests



The Customer Request screen is used to submit on-line requests for work. It defines what work is to be performed, who the work is for, and where the work is located.


  • A customer request must be approved to become a work order
  • When a customer makes a request for a work order via phone call or walk in, a work order must be created in the Customer Service module and sent for approval (Technicians, Operations Data Entry)
  • A customer request approval is completed by authorized staff after a Customer Request has been entered in the system (Operations Admin)


*Customer Requests made by Customers, Technicians, and Supervisors should be entered in the mobile app for efficiency.*


*The process of instantaneously creating a Work Order is only for authorized staff and does not require the approval process necessary to complete a Customer Request. The Operations Center will have the ability to create a Work Order for customer requests directly.*




How to Submit a Request for Maintenance (Smart Phone App)




How to Submit a Request for Maintenance in AiM



1. Navigate to the Customer Service screen and click the link to Customer Request.  
2. Click on the New button.  


The Operations Center has the ability to create a new Work Order directly without going through the approval process.


The description will also default to the Problem Code when one is selected, the description can be edited to include  additional text if necessary.


3. Fill in the following information:


  • a. Organization, Requestor and Contact information
  • b. Region, Facility, Property and Location
  • c. Problem Code (if applicable)
  • d. Description
  • e. Status
4. When all the information is entered, click the green Save button.  




  1. Operations Data Entry: [TODO:FOBS define refine rules here]




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