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Configure Property Status

*O&M Go Live Notes*



The following values support the current UConn Phase 1 implementation for describing property statues.  It was determined as a system standard that STATUS names should not match STATUS FLAGS unless it is a terminating STATUS or there is a complete 1-to-1 correspondence between UConn Business Requirements and the AiM System Status Flags.

STATUS Description Sequence Minimum Status Maximum Status Status Flag
(Active, Pending, Inactive)
(Yes, No)
OCCUPIED waiting for function definition (FEA) 200 Active Yes
VACANT waiting for function definition (FEA) 300 Active Yes
MOTHBALLED waiting for function definitionv (FEA) 500  Active  Yes
INACTIVE  waiting for function definition (FEA)  550  Inactive Yes
DEMOLISHED  waiting for function definition (FEA)  600  Inactive Yes

*The above values were not selected with requirements for any workflow provided by the functional users of the system.
**The above values were selected as placeholders to capture data elements being moved from FAMIS prior to Business Process Re-Engineering.
*** There are no statuses to reflect CONSTRUCTION, RENOVATION, DECOMMISSIONING, etc.



The above values were selected as placeholders to capture data elements being moved from FAMIS prior to Business Process Re-Engineering.
It is not clear who will provide:

  • the desired statuses,
  • complete descriptions,
  • workflow requirements,
  • sign-off of understanding of how Status Flags impact system functionality
  • sign-off of understanding of how Min/Max Statuses impact system functionality
  • sign-off of understanding of how Sequences impact system functionality
  • change management requirements
  • change tracking


Configure Property Status



The Property Status identifies the current stage in the property lifecycle and its main categorizations for management and reporting. The property type is used as a tool to define, normally for reporting purposes, a property’s primary use. The property class is a reporting element and further classifies the property. Property status flags are listed below:


Property Statuses:

Property Status Description
Occupied  Indicates the property is occupied, not available.
Vacant  Indicates the property is vacant and available for assignment.
Mothballed  Indicates property is out of service at the moment. It can be available in the future.
Inactive  Indicates the property is not longer active or available in the system.
Demolished  Indicates the property was demolished.


Property Status Flags:

Property Flag Description
Active Indicates a property is available for use within the system to host work orders, warehouses, and other system activities.
Pending Indicates a property is neither active or inactive, but a condition where the property is in route to becoming active or inactive through construction, demolition, purchase, sale, or other action. A pending Property profile may be created and managed, but work cannot be assigned to it.
Inactive Indicates a property is not available for use in the system.




1. Click Property Status under Property Module.



2. Click New, enter Property Status name, description and sequence number. Select status flag, set active to Yes. Then, click Save.









  1. System Administrator:

System Administrator is responsible for managing and overseeing the Property module its configuration and functionality.



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