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Configure Customer Request Statuses



The Customer Request Statuses indicate the current condition of the customer request. The status field can also be used to drive a workflow (e.g., status of entered, then reviewed, then approved) once the customer request is approved.


  • Customer request statuses can be flagged to allow editing of the funding method or not. This, when coupled with the roles that can be associated to the status, controls who and if the funding method can be updated at customer request approval.
  • The user may define as many statuses as needed for reporting and analysis. Each status is associated to one of the four system status flag values that control the behavior of the status within the system as seen in the following table:




Customer Request Statuses:



1. Navigate to the Customer Service module on the main menu.  
2. Navigate to the Customer Service screen and click the link to Customer Request Status.
3. Click New to configure customer Request Statuses.
* All read fields are mandatory fields*


4. Enter Status:


a. Name & Description

b. Sequence Number


5. Set the following fields:


a. Active to Yes

b. Status Flag


6. Click Add to Add roles that apply.



7. Select the roles that will be be to see these statuses. Then, click Done to return to previous page.
8. Click Save to save the Customer Request Status.





System Administrator:

System Administrator is responsible for configuring and updating Phase statuses in AiM.



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