SOP – Configure – Work Management – Purchase Request Status

Standard Operating Procedures

Configure Purchase Request Status




Purchase Request Status Description Sequence Status Flag
Approved Shop Supervisor Approved 200 Finalized
Canceled Canceled by Shop 800 Canceled
Closed Closed 900 Closed
Disapporved Disapproved in KFS 810 Canceled
Enroute Enroute 220 Finalized
Open Open 110 Review
Saved Saved (Creating) 100 Open



1. Navigate to the Work Management module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the Work Management screen and click the link to Purchase Request Status.
3. Click New to configure Purchase Request Statuses.
4. Enter Purchase Request Status name, description and sequence number. Select status flag, set active to Yes.


5. Click Add to add roles that apply.

6. Select roles that can see these statuses. Click Done to return to previous screen.
7. Click Save to save Purchase Request Statuses.




System Administrator:

System Administrator is responsible for configuring and updating Purchase Request Statuses in AiM.


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