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Configuring Work Classification



The work classification hierarchy setup determines what kind of work is to be completed. This classification is based on an organization’s business processes. Types of work (e.g., maintenance, construction, administrative, etc.) are first defined and then categories are associated to those types (e.g., within the maintenance type, categories could include preventive, deferred, service/demand, grounds, contract work, etc.). The work is defined further by associating work order statuses, phase statuses, and work codes to the categories. This classification enables the flexibility to map to any business process.


The different Work Types within AiM include the following:

Work Types Description
Maintenance includes preventive, predictive, proactive, and corrective maintenance tasks.
Operations includes access control, custodial services, event support, grounds services, moves, room setups, security, and waste management.
Recapitalization includes energy conservation, estimating, fixed rate improvements, alterations, programmatic upgrades, renewal and replacement projects.
Administrative includes improvement projects, leave time, shop time, and training hours for designated tasks.


Work Types Category Category Description
Maintenance Preventive Maintenance (PM): Preventive Maintenance includes planned actions undertaken to retain an item at a specified level of performance by providing repetitive scheduled tasks that prolong system operation and useful life:. This can include inspections, cleaning, lubrication, and part replacement.
Maintenance Predictive Maintenance (PdM): Predictive maintenance (PdM) is maintenance performed when empirical data that is collected and reviewed indicate that maintenance is required. Predictive Testing & Inspection (PT&I) is another term often used interchangeably to more clearly describe PdM processes. PT&I includes nondestructive and non-intrusive methods of investigation and analysis.
Maintenance Proactive Maintenance (PrM): Proactive maintenance is the sum of all maintenance work that is completed to avoid failures.
Maintenance Corrective Maintenance (CM): Maintenance activities performed because of equipment or system failure. Activities are directed toward the restoration of an item to a specified level of performance. Corrective maintenance is also referred to as demand maintenance, reactive maintenance, breakdown maintenance, etc.
Operations Access
Operations Custodial SVC
Operations Event Support
Operations Grounds SVC
Operations Moves
Operations Room Setups
Operations Security
Operations Waste Mgmt
Recapitalization Capital Project Support
Recapitalization Energy Conservation
Recapitalization Fixed Rate Improvement/Alteration
Recapitalization Improvement/Alteration
Recapitalization No Charge Improvement/Alteration
Recapitalization Programmatic Upgrade
Recapitalization Renewal
Recapitalization Replacement
Administrative Improvement/Alteration
Administrative IT Support
Administrative Leave
Admnistrative Shop Time
Administrative Training




1. Navigate to the Work Management module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the Work Management screen and click the link to Work Classification.
3. Click New to configure Work Classifications.  
4. Enter Work Classification name and description and set active to Yes. Then, click Add to add categories.  
5. Enter Category name and description.

Select funding method and set active to Yes (click Add to add more categories). Then Click Done to return to previous screen.

6. Click Save to save the Work Classification.  





  1. System Administrator:

System Administrator is responsible for configuring and updating Work Classification (Work Types and Categories) in AiM.




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