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Configuring Work Order Statuses



Work order statuses represent the status of the entire work order. Work order statuses are unique to categories of work and thus the work order supports only one type, one category, and one set of work order statuses.


Work Order Status Work Order Status Flag Description
Open Not Complete Work order is active.
Hold Not Complete Work order has been put on hold while materials, parts, and/or supplies are ordered and delivered. Or it has been put on hold while access is confirmed or while coordination with other trades is scheduled.
Deferred Complete Work order has been deferred.
Complete Complete Fulfiller has reported that the work has been completed and submitted labor and materials information. No new transactions can be entered against the work order.
Canceled Cancel Work order has been canceled because it is a duplicate request or no longer needed. No further edits are allowed.
Closed Complete Reviewer has confirmed that the work has been completed and all necessary information is entered. Not further edits are allowed.
Reopened Not Complete Work order has been reopened to add/change information.


Work Order Status – Role Permissions:

Technicians Will NOT be able to update work orders statuses.
Supervisors Will NOT be able to update work orders statuses, they can only create work orders (open status).
Operations Admin Will be able to update ALL work order statuses.






1. Navigate to the Work Management module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the Work Management screen and click the link to Work Order Status.  
3. Click New to configure Work Order Statuses.
* All red fields are mandatory fields*


4. Enter Work Order:


      a. Name & Description

      b. Type & Category

      c. Sequence Number



5. Set the following fields:


      a. Active to Yes

      b. Status Flag

      c. Edit Budget



6. Click Add to Add roles that apply.


7. Select the roles that will be be to see these statuses. Then, click Done to return to previous page.
8. Click Save to save the Work Order Status.





System Administrator:

System Administrator is responsible for configuring and updating Work Order statuses in AiM.


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