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Tracking Time in AiM (GO-Work Mgmt App)


The GO Work Mgmt App will allow Technicians and Supervisors track labor hours while working on a job. Time can be reviewed and edited by the user before marking the Phase status Work Complete and saving it on their iPads.



1. Go to your Daily Assignments or Queue screen on the GO-Work Mgmt app to select the Phase you will be working on
2. Swipe Time block to start tracking work time
3. Clock starts tracking time  
4. When the work is done or you decide to take a break, tap the Time block to stop tracking time
5. Labor Hours screen appears:


a. Tab Time Type to select time type

b. Tab Time Class to select time class

c. Tab Action Taken to select action taken


Note: Start and End time can be edited by the user in this screen

6. Tap Save to save your time you have worked on this Phase
7. If work is complete, tap Status to update the status from Assigned to Work Complete


Note: If work is NOT complete, you can swipe Time again and repeat the steps above

8. Select Work Complete (the check mark will show next to it) and tap Save to save the time entry and phase status
9. The Phase you marked Work Complete will disappear from your Queue and your time entry for this phase will be submitted for approval





Technician is responsible for tracking time worked on Phases and submit it for Supervisors approval.

[TODO:FOBS define refine rules here]


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