SOPs – Finance – Procedure to resolve purchase order error – GEN ERR – Generic Error

 Standard Operating Procedures

Procedure to Resolve Purchase Order Error – GEN ERR – Generic Error






1. On the WorkDesk navigate to the channel for Purchase Requests and click on the query Work Management ~ Purchase Request ~ GEN ERR – Generic Error.  
2. Click on the underlined Transaction Number Code.  
3. Click on the Notes Log.  
4. Note Error:

Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:


In this case the error was caused by a special character in the Purchase Request Description – Finance will discontinue use of special characters in the description field.


5. Click Add  to add a note that KFS was down and an attempt to resend will be done then click Save.

6. Click Done.
7. Click Edit.
8. Change Status to Open then click Save.
9. Click Edit.
10. Change Status to Approved then click Save.
11. Click on Notes Log.
12. Confirm that an edoc in KFS was successful.






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