SOPs – Finance – Managing Purchase Request Errors

 Standard Operating Procedures

Managing Purchase Request Errors



All Purchase Requests entered through HuskyBuy will sent the Purchase Request record to AiM.  If a Work Order and Phase is missing or in error the transactions will be written to a place holder Work Order named WO ERROR under Phase 002.  The status will be set to JAGGAER ERR.

The types of transactions that can be set to this condition are as follows:

  • Work Order / Phase Missing
  • Work Order matches but the phase is CLOSED
  • Work Order / Phase Mismatch


  • The description will display the type of error
  • There is no AiM corrective action to take the purchase requisition is in a canceled status.  If the transaction was against a closed Work Order/Phase the purchaser will need to determine if this was the correct association.  If the transaction should not have a Work Order/Phase then this is the correct behavior.  If a Work Order/Phase correction is necessary then the correction will need to be made against the Purchase Order.


  • Monitor for errors using a work desk query: Search Purchase Requests with a status=JAGGAER ERR within 3-5 days.

Query Example:




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