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Standard Operating Procedures

Managing Purchases


In order to be able to associate all costs to the work performed, a process exists for linking AiM (the Work Management System) toHuskyBuy (the Procurement System) and to KFS (the Financial System).  After setting a few defaults in the systems and following the procedures below, Facilities Operations staff should be able to initiate purchases and have the systems associate the finances back to the work, while using the correct accounts, and ensuring responsible financial accountability.  It is important to follow the procedures so that purchases of materials and services are not delayed and so the business office and managers can have accurate data to make decisions.




This guide is intended for users who are already familiar with the navigation of the work management system.  If you need to learn how to use the system please review the training materials before attempting to make any Purchase Requests


Step Description
Navigate to the Phase that reflects the work the purchase is being made for.


Notice that the first Action in the list is the External Url Action.  Click this link when you are ready to make a purchase.


{Note: It is important that you have enough time to entirely complete the purchase.  Do not initiate the purchase if you do not think you will have time to complete it}

Clicking the link starts the process of creating a cart for your purchase.  The cart is being set up to contain the important details of the work (e.g., the work order identifier, the phase id, the building, the description of the work, the accounts that should be used, etc.).
Once your cart if ready, the procurement system will double-check that you are authorized to make a purchase for this work.


Please enter your NetID and Password if you see Single Sign on Page

Your cart is now ready and waiting for you to shop!


You will see the cart has a name that includes the work order and phase, the building and some of the work description

To start shopping, either click the cart name or the View Action Menu item
Once inside your cart, click the Click here to start shopping link
You are now on the Shopping Home page and should proceed following the training you received on HuskyBuy.


If you need to refer to the Husky Buy training materials or Job Aides, please go to the HuskyBuy Home Page


Follow the Standard Procedures for making purchases in Husky Buy
Once you are done shopping you will be back on the empty Cart Management Screen  
The final step is to close the browser tab.  Click the “X” in the tab to complete the process.
Back on the Phase where you started, you can (1) refresh the page by clicking the refresh option in your browser, then (2) See the Purchase Request details in the View options  




There are two main methods to find a purchase request, by going directly to a phase or by searching on other criteria (e.g., enter date, purchase request id, etc)
Find Purchase Requests Associated to a specific phase
Find Purchase Requests based on other criteria



AiM The only time AiM users who need to make changes to AiM tools are when the purchases are being made on a iPad.

Launch the Settings app on the iPad:




Scroll down the list on the left until you find the Fire – O&M app.  Make sure the Launch Browser option is toggled on (indicated by showing green).



HuskyBuy – Log in Log in to HuskyBuy (
HuskyBuy – Setting home page If it is your first time logging in to HuskyBuy, the first screen is the Shopping Home page shown below.  This needs to be changed when shopping for Facilities in order to make it easier to associate the purchases back to the work.




First, you need to navigate to the page that you want


HuskyBuy to start on to make it easier to associate the purchases back to the work.  This will be the shopping carts page, since AiM will generate shopping carts for you based on the job or work or shop replenishment you need.


Click on the Shopping Cart Icon on the left menu bar. Click or hover over the My Carts and Orders item on the left, grey menu.






Find the View Carts item and click it.







This takes you to the Cart Management page.  The No Carts Found message is expected.  Notice your name in the menu bar across the top of the screen.  Click here to display a menu of options:







Click the Set My Home Page menu option:






Click the radio button next to the Current Page option and then click the Save Changes button





You have now successfully completed this configuration step.

HuskyBuy –  Setting default ship to address All purchases require a shipping address, so it is good to set your default address.  This can always be updated if an individual purchase needs to be shipped to a different location.


Navigate to View My Profile which is found on the menu attached to your name in the upper right corner of Jaggaer:



Click on Default Addresses option from the Default User settings drop-down list





Click Select Addresses for Profile blue button, then enter Nickname/Address (department) to pick default shipping addresses.





Select the desired shipping address





Add room number and click Save





To add more shipping addresses, repeat the steps but make sure you set one as default.







HuskyBuy – Setting the list of frequently used Object Codes Click on Custom Field and Accounting Code defaults option from the Default User settings drop-down list




Click on Codes tab





Click Edit on Object Code Custome File Name





Click Create New Value blue button




Enter Object Code value or Description, then click Search





Select the value and click Add Values blue button to add the code to the list.




To add more codes, just repeat the steps above.




If a Default Object Code is desired, click on the value and select default option, otherwise, just click Save to save the list.





Note: If you don’t select the object code as a default and have a list in the profile to select from, you can choose select profile values and then from the drop down list.  


View of a list with no default object codes:



HuskyBuy – anything else?
KFS No special setup needed




Supervisors: When a supervisor needs to purchase goods or services for work that needs to be done or stock that needs replenishment.  Also to track the purchases that have been requested for the shop on any work the supervisor oversees.


Technician: When a technician needs to purchase goods or services for work that needs to be done or stock that needs replenishment.  Also to track the purchases that have been requested for work that is the responsibility of the technician.


Finance Office: Business Office Please provide the official roles of anyone else who need and use this process in the organization.


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