SOPs – Finance – Create a New Contractor

 Standard Operating Procedures


Create a New Contractor


PURPOSE:   KFS Vendors are updated in AIM as Contractors once a week (Fridays at 7pm).  If a Purchase Order or Service Contract is created via the integration from HuskyBuy to AIM prior to the creation of the Contractor in AIM, the Purchase Order or Service Contract will have be in an error status of “NO CO.”  Creating the new contractor is necessary when resolving the error status.





1. Navigate to the AiM Main Menu and click Contract Administration.
2. Click Contractor.
3. Click New to create new contractors.
4. Enter Vendor number in Contractor ID field and enter Vendor name in description field.
5. Click Add to add Address Code.
6. Enter “O” in Address Code field, enter Address , city, State and Zip Code and click Done.
7. Click Save to save the record.






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