SOPs – Finance – Procedure to resolve Service Contract Invoice-WO NOT SET

 Standard Operating Procedures

Procedure to Resolve Service Contract Invoice Error – WO NOT SET


PURPOSE:  When Service Contract (SC) Invoices are transmitted from KFS to AiM and the Work Order and Phase are on the invoice correctly, but the Phase is not “attached” to the Service Contract, the SC Invoice will post to the correct Service Contract but will have the error status ” WO NOT SET.”  To resolve this error status, the phase must be correctly attached to the Service Contract for the Service Contract Invoice to post correctly.


1.  On the WorkDesk Navigate to the Channel for Accounts Payable and click on the Query Accounts Payable ~ Service Contract Invoice ~ WO NOT SET~ WO Phase not attached to SC
2.  Click on the underlined Transaction Number.
3.  Search for payment request in KFS to determine work order phase number.  
4. Navigate to the Main Menu by clicking the AIM tab and click on Work Management.   


5. Click on Work Order.   
6. Enter the Work Order Number and click Execute.  
7. Click on the underlined Work Order Number.  


8. Click on the underlined Phase number.  
9. Click on Edit.  
10. Change the Contract Type to Service Contract.  

11. Type in the KFS PO number into the Contract Number field and click on the magnifying glass to populate the Contractor and Address Code field.   


12. Click Save – Could you note if the status needs to be changed – I don’t think it needs to.   
When the automated invoice “pull” is performed the next day (9:40 am) the invoice will post correctly.  This “pull” repeats the process for invoices for the past 5 days.  If on day one the invoice had not posted correctly and subsequently the work order phase was properly attached to the contract, then on day two the invoice will be pulled in again and posted properly.






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