SOPs – Finance – Transfer Work Order for a Maintenance Project

 Standard Operating Procedures

Create a Transfer Work Order for a Maintenance Project






1. Navigate to the Work Management module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the Work Management screen and click the link to Work Order. Work Management menu to Work Order
3. Click New to create new Work Orders. The new work order form will appear.
4. Enter description as follows.  
5. Enter Property and click the magnifying glass to populate the Region and Campus.
6. Choose Type Maintenance and Category Corrective.
7. Enter Project number.
8. Add a Phase by clicking Add
9. Shop Admin and Funding Method Shop automatically appear.
10. Select Management on Shop field.
11. Set Funding Method Project.
12. Select work code ADMIN.
13. Set Priority 5.
14. Click Cost Analysis link.
15. Enter the amount of the Transfer .
16. Click Done twice.
17. Click Save to save the record.






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