Timecard Approval

 Standard Operating Procedures

Managing Timecard Approval 


The Timecard Approval screen approves or rejects individual Timecard records. An approved Timecard record creates a financial transaction, applying a labor charge to the work order phase. Timecards entered either manually or with Start/Stop will need to be approved. The Supervisor or a role designated to approve will go into the AiM Timecard approval process to complete this function.



Not Posted The parent timecard is still being processed and has not yet been approved. No labor charges have been placed against a phase.
Posted The timecard transaction has been approved and posted. Labor charges are placed against a phase.
Rejected This status indicates that the parent timecard was not allowed (approved) by the timecard approver as a valid timecard transaction. Rejected timecards do not create financial transactions. Rejected timecards can be corrected and then approved.




*If you are a Crew Supervisor and have the Timecard Approvals channel on their workdesk (displaying your shop Timecards), click on the Timecards link and please go to step 4, otherwise go to  step 1 below.*
1. Navigate to the Time and Attendance module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the Time and Attendance screen and click the link to Timecard Approval.
3. Search for TimeCards to Approve (by shop) or leave blank.


* The individual must be included as having a role for that Shop to approve Timecards.


4. Results screen display all the shop employees Timecards.




5. The user can select “More Detail” on the screen right hand corner to drill down to the work order/phase level.


* The approver can select at the individual card level or use Select All.

6. After selecting Timecards to approve, click Approve or if rejecting, select Timecards to reject and click Reject.








1. System Administration:

System Administrator is responsible for managing and overseeing the Time and Attendance module its configuration and functionality. . The System Administration also shall assist and train functional users to use Timecard Approval screen.

2. Supervisor:

Supervisor shall review technicians labor hours and approve/reject their Timecards.