Work Order Journal Entry

 Standard Operating Procedures

<Work Order Journal Entry>


The Work Order Journal Entry Screen adjusts work order account balances. Entries can be made to actual amounts but not encumbrances. If the work order budgets are enforced, they will affect any remaining balances available. Entries cannot be made that will exceed a work order budget, if enforced.

  • Positive or negative transactions will default to a work order’s account distribution.
  • No encumbrances may be processed using the Work Order Journal Entry Screen


From AiM WorkDesk:

  • Select Finance
  • Select Work Order Journal Entry
  • Select New
 Enter WO Adjustment information:

  1. Enter Description
  2. Enter Work Order
  3. Enter Phase
  4. Select Subledger (Labor, Material, Equipment, Contract)
  5. Enter Adjustment amount
  6. Select/Enter Object Code
  7. Select Add charges
 Select Percentage Split or Fixed Amount (using percentage)  
  1.  Enter Account
  2. Enter Object Code

Press Done

 Set Posted = Yes  Need to understand amounts

Roles used:


  1. System Administration – Systems Administrators will have full access to support this feature
  2. Finance – Finance will post these transactions to adjust WO Actuals