Workflow – How to Purchase Materials (or Services) for the Job

Ways to purchase materials for a job

Rank Technique When to Use How to Use
 1 Identify if work requires outside service *Manager to provide wording* Service Contract
2 Look to see if the materials are in the shop This is the first step to getting materials for a job Shop Stock
3 Consider if the materials are being stored at Central Warehouse  If Central Warehouse generally stores this item for jobs Central Stores Stock
4 Consider if the materials can be purchased at Central Warehouse  If Central Warehouse generally stocks this item Central Stores Purchase
5 Order from a UConn Catalogue This is the preferred technique for purchasing materials for a job Husky Buy
6 Get a quote for non-catalogue items If the materials are not available in the catalogue go to a vendor Quote Process
7  Use a  ProCard *Manager to provide wording about this last resort* ProCard
8  Go to Mansfield Supply  *Manager to provide wording about Seriously don’t do this*  Mansfield Supply