Emergency Work Orders

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Converting Existing Work Orders to Emergency Work Orders


PURPOSE: The purpose of this document is to provide written instructions to alter a standard work order into an Emergency work order, once the approval process has been completed to initiate Emergency Procurement Services.  The process defined below will provide a more streamlined process for Purchase Orders relating to Material Purchases or services initiated through AiM. This will also allow for more standardized reporting through AiM on events that require the usage of Emergency Procurement Services.





Updating a Work Order to Include Emergency Procurement Services


1. Upon receipt of approval for Emergency Procurement Services, search for the Work Order related to the issue (if not already provided).


Note: This can be done via the Work Order Quick Search, or using the Work Management module to look up the work order.

2. Once on the work order screen, click the blue Edit button in the upper left hand corner.



3. Click on the magnifying glass in the Project field, and select the EMERGENCY project for the current fiscal year.
4. Add a new phase under the current work order, with the following information:

  • Shop – Admin
  • Work Code – Admin
  • Funding Method – Project


Note: See link above for the Managing Phases SOP if you need assistance with creating a new phase.

5. Provide notification of the new phase to the shop supervisors, managers, and directors of any shops associated to the existing work order.  





  • The usage of an “Emergency” project by fiscal year will require a step to be included in the Business Office’s fiscal year renewal process.
  • The cut off date for which fiscal year project to use should be established.  The recommendation provided is to use the fiscal year in which the approval of Emergency Procurement services is issued.




1Work Managment Level 2: Responsible for attaching the work order to the project and creating an additional phase for material purchases/services associated to the Emergency Procurement Request approval.

2. Facilities Admin: Facilities Admin is responsible for managing and overseeing the Work Management module its configuration and functionality.



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