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Manage Action Codes SOP



The Action Code Setup Screen enables system administrators to setup and configure Action Codes.  Action codes are JavaScripts that fire on Insert, Before Insert, Update, Before Update, on a Schedule, or as a Template to customize or automate system behavior in AiM.



Prior to adding an action code, the associated Java Script File must be loaded into AiM’s Document Repository. The SOPs for Managing Documents in the repository can be found here. For Action Codes the document type needs to be set to Script.


After ensuring the Java Script File(s) is in the repository a new Action Code can be configured.


1.Navigate to the System Administration module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the New Action Code Screen.
3. The ID is auto-assigned and unique.


4. Type a description of the Action Code.


5. Enter the Table where the action code should fire.


6. Enter the Type (Before Update, Update, Before Insert, Insert, Scheduled or Template)


7. Find the GUID in the document repository for the Javascript.


8. Set Active to Yes.



*Assign an appropriate sequence in case there is a required order to action codes being fired on the same table.*

9. Click Save to save this new Action Code.  


new Action Code





  1. System Administrator:

The System Administrator(s) are responsible for the creation, update and activation status of all Action Codes.


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