SOPs – Finance – Managing Purchase Order Errors in AiM

 Standard Operating Procedures

Managing Purchase Order Errors in AiM


PURPOSE:   KFS sends all purchase orders in Facilities Operations organization codes to AiM when the Purchase Order Status is “Finalized.”  KFS Purchase Orders that have Purchase Type not SM (Standing Maintenance Order) or BO (Blanket Purchase Order) become Purchase Orders in KFS.  When the Purchase Orders interface to AiM successfully the status is “Original.”  When the interface is successful but missing information may not allow the Purchase Order to place successfully the following errors can occur:

  • NO CO – The Purchase Order vendor does not exist – this can exist in a rare instance due to timing – a vendor can be newly created, be placed on DRS Hold or have a name change etc.
  • WO MISMATCH – The work order is incorrectly manually entered on the requisition or the work order is incorrectly ammended with the incorrect work order and phase.
  • NO WO – The Purchase Order comes into AiM with no work order or phase.

When the errors occur, the following procedures can be used…..






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