SOPs – Finance – Procedure to resolve purchase order error-NO CO

 Standard Operating Procedures

Procedure to Resolve Purchase Order Error – NO CO


PURPOSE:  When Purchase Orders are transmitted from KFS to AiM the vendors (referred to as Contractors in AiM ) may not be in AiM if there is a new vendor, a vendor is placed on DRS hold or the vendor is undergoing a name change.  If the PO is sent with one of these conditions the status will be an error called “NO-CO.”



  • Void Purchase Order with Error Code
  • Search for a Contractor Manually in AiM
  • Create a New PO Manually

Void Purchase Order with Error Code

1. On the WorkDesk Navigate to the Channel for Purchase Orders and click on the Query Purchasing~Purchase Order ~ NO CO – Contractor not in AiM
2. Click on the underlined PO Code.
3. On Purchase Order screen click Edit.
4. Click on the magnifying glass to search for statuses.
5. Click the Status VOID.
6. Type “-VOID” after the PO number (subsequent edits to the same PO should be: VOID2, VOID3 etc.)
7. Click Save to save the record.  
Open the PO in KFS  to identify the vendor.

Search for a Contractor Manually in AiM


1. Navigate to the AiM Main Menu and click Contract Administration.
2. Click Contractor.
3. Click Search for search for contractors.
4. Enter contract name in description field and click Execute.

*If vendor is present continue to Create Manual PO below

5. If vendor is not present create a new contractor using the following directions on this page

Create a New PO Manually

1. Click on the AIM tab to return to the Main Menu.  
2. Click Purchasing  
3. Click Purchase Order  
4. Click New to create a new purchase order.
5. Enter Purchase Order Number, click contractor, type 0 in address code, Enter work order and phase, then click Add.
6. For parts choose Non Stock
7. Enter part description in red box, enter vendor part number, enter unit of measure, cost per part and quantity, then click Add.
8. For service choose Service
9. Enter description, enter amount, click on the refresh button to populate line total, then click Add on the Disbursement Defaults .
Add the work order number and phase, Line Amount and click the refresh button to populate the Sequence Total then click Done
10. Click Done to save the record.  
10. Click Save to save the record.
11. Click Edit  
12. Change to “Finalized: to indicate the change was done manually





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