SOPs – Finance – Procedure to Resolve Service Contract Error-NO CO

 Standard Operating Procedures

Procedure to Resolve Service Contract

Error – NO CO


PURPOSE:  When Service Contracts are transmitted from KFS to AiM the vendors (referred to as Contractors in AiM ) may not be in AiM if there is a new vendor, a vendor is placed on DRS hold or the vendor is undergoing a name change.  If the Service Contract is sent with one of these conditions the status will be an error called “NO-CO.”



1. Search to see if Contractor is in AIM first by clicking on Contract Administration
2. Click on Contractor
3. Choose Search
4. Enter a portion of the Vendor name in the description field and choose Execute – If the contractor is present then follow the instructions below – if the vendor is not present then create the vendor this page
5. Choose Edit  
6. Click the magnifying glass on the contractor field
7. Click on the Contract: AIMERRORS  
8. Choose Search
9. Choose Reset, delete AIMERRORS from the Contractor field and type in a portion of the vendors name in the Description field and choose Execute
10. Click on the blue underlined Contractor Number to populate the field
11. Choose Save
12. Choose Account Set Up
13. Enter the Account and Subcode for the MarkUp and Offset then choose Add for the Encumbrance Accounts
14. From HuskyBuy note the start and end date of the PO
15. Enter the account, object code, 100 as the percentage and the start and end date from the PO in HuskyBuy
16. Choose Done
17. Choose Done again
18. Change the status to Awarded and choose Save





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