SOPs – Work Management – Customer Request Approval

Standard Operating Procedures

Approving a Customer Request



The Customer Request Approval screen is used to approved or reject requests submitted by customers.


  • Once a customer request is approved, it becomes a work order.
  • A customer request approval is completed by authorized staff after a Customer Request has been entered in the system (Operations Admin).





Approving a Customer Request (General)


1. Navigate to the Customer Service module on the main menu.


Note: If you already have the approvals channel on your workdesk, go to step 4.

2. Navigate to the Customer Request screen and click the link to Customer Request Approval.   
3. Click Execute to approve Customer Requests.
4. Select the desired Customer Request by clicking on the respective number in the Transaction column.  
5. Click on the Edit button to add the following information:


  • a. Funding Method (the combination of category and type will determine it)
  • b. Shop Name
  • c. Shop Person (if known)
  • d. Priority Number


6. Update status to “Approved  
7 . Click Save to approve the request and generate a Work Order.  




  1. Operations Admin:  [TODO:FOBS define refine rules here]


  1. Supervisor: [TODO:FOBS define refine rules here]



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