Managing Properties

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Managing Properties


***For the go-live, only active buildings were loaded as Properties***


The property hierarchy determines the location of everything. The codes used in this hierarchy should help define “where” something is located.  The region code is first set up and then has facilities associated to it. Properties are then associated to facilities and finally locations are associated to properties.


  • The Property Hierarchy groups locations into 4 levels. Region and Campus are Geographical groupings of Properties.
  • The example below shows the hierarchy for Beach Hall.




REGION 1 This is the top level of the property hierarchy.
CAMPUS 2 This is the second level of the property hierarchy and is a child of the region.
PROPERTY 3 This is the third level of the property hierarchy and is the child of the facility. At this level financial accounts are assigned or associated, and floors are defined.
LOCATION 4 This is the fourth level of the property hierarchy and is the child of the property.




  • Property Id: The Property ID is a 4 digit building number and assign by UPDC Space Manger.
  • Property Description: The property description is the official name of the property.
  • Property Address: The official physical address of a property.
  • Property Type: The property type is used as a tool to define, normally for reporting purposes, a property’s primary function.
  • Property Class: The property class is a reporting element and further classifies the property.
  • Floors: The Floors Screen identifies the floors for a property. Floor square footage will automatically be populated from the polyline AutoCAD drawings.
  • Zones: The Zones View identifies the zone type and zone code associated with the location. Zones are used to group locations with similar identifying attributes (i.e., geographical, political, hazard, or other common attributes).


*If the property is not a building and is a Utility or Grounds element there is a campus-wide property for to associate that work.*


To add, update and search a property, click on the following links:




1. Space Manager: [TODO:FOBS define refine rules here]

2. Supervisor: [TODO:FOBS define refine rules here]

3. System Administration:

System Administrator is responsible for managing and overseeing the Property module its configuration and functionality.


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